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Online Bill Pay

It's time to give Bill Pay a try!

Save Time & Add Protection: Paying bills online saves paper and time. Plus, without all those checks to write, you’re extra protected from the risks of stolen checks and mail fraud.

Simple & Fast Setup: With just a few minutes and a few clicks, you’re done!

*Credit Union Checking account is required for Bill Pay.

Paying bills was never so easy!

Just point, click and your bills will be paid on time, every time.

  • Eliminate checks, envelopes and stamps
  • Great for recurring bills such as HOA dues, rent, tuition, lawn service, and other merchants that are unable to directly debit your accounts.
  • Pay bills 24 hours a day/7 days a week
  • Completely automated
  • Today’s latest encryption technology ensures the safety and security of your accounts
  • Different payment options available such as: automatic, one-time, or manual
  • Automatically transfers money from your Credit Union checking account per your request

Please note: Bill Pay cannot be used to pay IBMSECU loans or credit cards. To pay these bills, please use the Quick Pay service, the account transfer function inside Online Banking, or contact us at to set up automatic repayments from your Credit Union checking or savings account.

How to register

  1. Sign On to Online Banking
  2. Click on the Bill Pay quick link (this automatically starts the bill paying process) — Be sure to set up your account at least 10 days prior to your first bill’s due date for verification purposes (first time only)
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions and you’re finished

Need Help Registering? Our eTeam can help get you started today – simply bring one bill into your local branch and we’ll set you up.

If you have questions or comments please email or call 800.873.5100, ext. 8786.

Please note: Bill Pay is compatible with the following browsers: Firefox (FF) Mozilla Firefox (FF) 3.6 or newer (PC or Mac), Internet Explorer (IE) Version 8.0 or higher, Safari Version 5 or newer (PC or Mac), Google Chrome Newest version (PC or Mac), Opera Version 9 or later (PC or Mac).

Online Bill Paying User Agreement




How do I sign up for Bill Pay?

Log-in to Online Banking from the top right corner of our website. Select the Pay Bills button from the top options and follow the instructions.

What is the cost?

Bill Pay is free for all Members. A Credit Union checking account is required to use Bill Pay.

How do I make a payment to any biller?

Our streamlined, make-payment process is quick and easy. In our Bill Pay platform you’ll find a list of all of your billers (in either the Single Pay or Multi Pay tab); just enter the amount you want to pay to each biller and when you want your payment to be sent and click “Pay this bill” or “confirm payments.” We also list for each biller the amount and date of your last payment.

Can I pay bills with my credit card?

Currently, we don’t issue payments from a credit card.

Who authorizes payments? 

Only you can authorize payments. You have complete control over whom you are issuing a payment to, the exact payment amount, when the payment should be sent or whether to pay the bill at all. If you have a flat fee or recurring bill that you would like to have paid each month, you can instruct us to make that payment automatically for you.

Can the system pay my bills automatically?

Yes. There are two ways that you can schedule payments automatically:

1. Automatic payment in response to an e-bill.

An automatic payment in response to an e-bill is a payment that you set up to go out every time you receive this e-bill without requiring your approval each time. You can pay the full bill, pay the minimum due, pay nothing and file the bill, or create your own rule for how the bill gets paid. For example, you could tell the system to pay your credit card bill automatically in three different ways:

  • Pay the entire bill if it is $200 or less.
  • Pay nothing and send an email notification if it is more than $200.
  • Pay the minimum amount due every month.

You can also pay nothing and have an email notification sent to you.

Lastly, you can select when to pay the bill—either when the bill arrives or a designated number of days before the bill is due (10 is the default).

You will receive an email notification when an automatic bill has been paid.

2. Automatic payment at regular intervals.

This type of automatic payment gets paid by establishing the interval when the payment should be made, along with other supporting payment details. You specify the amount, the frequency, the start date and the end date or the number of payments to make (for due date models it is number of payments instead of end date). Based on the duration of the loan you could also establish the end date of the automatic payment rule. For example, you could have us schedule a payment for your car loan in the amount of $300 on the 1st of every month for the next 36 months.

How will I know when a payment has been sent?

You can verify that a payment has been sent by looking at the “View your scheduled/paid payments” widget in the top right corner of Bill Pay. a Report.” The “View Reports” page appears. From the Report title list box, select the appropriate report and click “Generate Report.” You can also create a new report or edit an existing report.

Do I have to pay the entire bill amount?

No. You decide the amount you want to pay towards each bill.

How are payments issued?

Only you can authorize payments. You tell the system who, when, and how much to pay. Payments are issued electronically or via paper checks, depending on the biller’s capabilities. Both electronic payments and paper checks always include remittance information, ensuring that your biller can accurately record that a payment has been received for your account.

Where do you send my payment?

We send your payment to the address you provided to us for each of your billers except for cases where we have a special relationship with a biller, and they have a preferred address to which they want payments to be sent.

When are checks issued to my billers?

Some billers do not currently accept electronic payments. Therefore, we recommend that you set the send date at least 5 business days in advance of your bill due date. We issue paper checks daily Monday through Friday.

When are electronic funds transfers sent to my billers?

For billers who can accept Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT), we recommend that you set the send date at least 3 business days in advance of the due date. If you authorize payment in advance, your EFT will be sent at 3:00 PM CT on the day you designated for the payment to be sent. To have an EFT issued on the same day you authorize payment, you must authorize the transaction by 3:00 PM CT. Please note that some EFT transactions may clear your bank account the same day they are issued. Be sure your account is funded in advance to avoid bounced payments.

How do I cancel a payment?

To cancel a payment, click on the Cancel link in your Payment Outbox. You can choose to cancel a payment up until the time the payment is processed.

When will an authorized payment be debited from my account?

While the exact time of the debit may vary due to when the payment is scheduled, payments will usually be posted to your account the following business day.

Are there any payments I can’t issue?

Due to legal requirements, we limit the ability to make certain types of payments. Payments to billers outside of the United States are prohibited and may not be issued under any circumstances. In addition, the following payments are discouraged, but may be scheduled at your own risk:

  • tax payments to the Internal Revenue Service or any state or other government agency
  • court-ordered payments, such as alimony or child support
  • payments to insurance companies

We will not notify you if you attempt to make any of these payments and we will not be liable if we do not make a prohibited or discouraged payment that you’ve scheduled.

What happens if I do not have enough money in my account to cover a bill?

We issue standard, approved payments against your account. If you do not maintain sufficient funds in the account the payment may be rejected or your account could be overdrawn.

Can I pay all of the bills in my Bill Inbox at one time?

Yes. You can pay multiple bills simultaneously from your Bill Inbox using the “Select All” link. When you click “Select All,” the boxes next to each bill will be checked. Just enter the amount you want to pay and when you click “Continue Payment” your payments will appear in the Payment Outbox, just as if you’d entered them one at a time.

What happens if a bill is paid late?

We issue payments automatically on the exact date that you specify. It is important to realize that not all billers accept electronic payments. In such cases, we will issue a paper check and you should select a send date that is at least 5 business days before a bill due date. This will allow a paper check issued on your behalf to arrive at your biller on time. For billers that accept Electronic Funds Transfers, you should schedule the payment 3 business days in advance of the due date. However, you should be sure that your funding account is funded on the day you issue payment, as some EFT payments are posted to your biller’s account on the same day.

What is a filed bill?

A filed bill is one that you do not want to pay using this website, but want to save for your records. For example, a bill with a zero balance or a bill that no longer needs to be paid. Once you file a bill, it is permanently removed from your Bill Inbox and cannot be paid.

Can I automatically file a bill without paying it?

Yes, just click the Don’t pay this bill – I want this bill to be filed upon receipt option on the Change Payment Options page and click Save Payment Options.

What options do I have for scheduling recurring payments?

You have the following options:

  • Weekly
  • Every other week. (Your payments will always be 14 days apart.)
  • Twice a month (Your first payment will be the same day every month, with the second payment 15 days later.)
  • Monthly (This is the default and most used option.)
  • Every 2 months (These payments will be every other month on the date you indicate.)
  • Every 3 months (These payments will be every 3rd month on the date you indicate.)
  • Every 6 months (These payments will be every 6th month on the date you indicate.)


How do I add a biller?

To add a new biller to your account, from your navigation links click “Add New Biller.” The “Add a Biller” page appears. Just follow the onscreen instructions.

How do I deactivate a biller?

To deactivate a biller, from your navigation links, click My Billers. The My Billers page appears. Click the name of the biller you want to deactivate and then from the “Biller Details” page, click “Deactivate Biller.” Just follow the onscreen instructions.

Why did you add the ability to define a payment category as part of the add a biller process?

This feature was added in response to customer requests. Many customers felt that during the add process it made sense to, at the same time, establish a payment category for the biller and we agreed.

How do I add a new category when I’m adding a biller?

To add a new category from the “Add a Biller” page, select the “Add a New Category” option from the Payment category listbox. An entry box appears for you to provide your new category.

How do I know a biller is inactive?

Simply go to the “My Billers” page and in the Biller column look beneath the biller name for the words, Inactive Biller. Please note, if you select the option to hide inactive billers, these billers will not appear on this page.

What happens if I can’t find the biller I want to add using either your search or browse utility?

You will be invited to manually add a biller if the search or browse is unsuccessful. To set up the biller, just enter the name and address.

Can I add a biller if I don’t have an account number?

Yes, just click the This biller does not have an account number checkbox on the “Add a Biller” page and click Continue. We will then ask you for the biller’s remittance address.

Why can’t I remove deactivated billers from my biller list?

To properly store your billing history and ensure accurate reporting, we cannot completely delete billers from your account. However, you can hide billers that you no longer use by clicking on the “Hide Inactive Billers” link on the “My Billers” page.

How do my billers know I’m using your service?

When you add a biller to your account, you can elect to receive your bill at home or receive it online. If you want to receive your bill online, we will assist you in notifying your billers to send your bills, either electronically or by mail, to the processing center for online delivery.

How long will it take before I begin to receive my bills online?

After registering a biller, it typically takes 1-2 billing cycles before you begin to receive your bill online.

What happens if I have a dispute with a biller?

If you have an issue with a specific charge on a bill, you will need to contact your biller directly. You can pay whatever amount you like while you are disputing a specific item or you can simply file the bill and pay nothing.

How do I change a biller nickname?

Nicknames are given to your billers to help you identify your accounts quickly. To change a biller nickname, from your navigation links, click “My Billers.” The “My Billers” page appears. Click the name of the biller whose nickname you want to change and then at the top of the page click the link to change Biller information.

Why can’t I edit my remittance address?

Sometimes customers can’t change the address because of the special relationship we have with a biller.


What is an expedited payment?

Expedited payments are delivered faster than standard payments. These payments are subject to a nominal convenience fee that is automatically debited from your funding account.

When would I ever need to make an expedited payment?

Expedited payments are ideal any time you have either forgotten to pay a bill or you are surprised by a payment that you need to make fast. Expedited payments provide an avenue to make that happen without incurring a sizeable late fee or damaging your credit rating.

When will my biller receive my expedited payment?

Expedited payments are sent immediately which is why they won’t appear in your Payment Outbox. In some cases, the biller will receive your payment the same business day, but typically receipt occurs within one business day.

Is there a cost associated with an expedited payment?

There is a convenience fee of $18.95 associated with an expedited payment.

I have made an expedited payment to this biller before, why can’t I do that now?

The ability to make an expedited payment depends on the biller and time of day.

What account is my convenience fee deducted from?

Your convenience fee will be debited from the funding account the payment was made from as a separate transaction.

Where can I find an historical record of my expedited payment?

Each payment and convenience fee is listed on the biller’s payment history. For more information on a payment or convenience, you can click the Payment Detail link.

Can I edit or cancel an expedited payment after it has been submitted?

No, processing of your payment begins immediately after you click the button to submit your payment on the preview page.

Are there any payments I can’t issue?

Yes, expedited payments cannot be sent to an addresses in Hawaii, Alaska or to a P.O. Box.

Can I track the delivery status of my payment?

Yes, click the tracking number on the “Payment Detail” page to access the delivery vendor’s website. The vendor determines the length of time the tracking information appears online.

When do I have to submit my overnight check payment to ensure it will arrive the next business day?

All payments must be submitted before 6:45 PM CT to be delivered by the next business day.


How do you get my billing information?

When you register a biller, you provide its name, billing address, account number (if applicable), and other pertinent information. This is the only information we need to accurately issue payments.

Electronic bills are posted immediately to your account. A bill we retrieve from your biller’s website will appear within 24 hours, and your biller’s billing address will not change. Bills we scan will be posted to your account within 24-48 hours of receipt.

What happens to hard copies of my bills that have been scanned?

Your original paper bill is stored for 30 days from the day of receipt, after which it is shredded for security purposes and recycled. Paper bills received from your billers are converted into electronic form within 24-48 hours from when they are received at our processing center. Once converted into electronic format, your bill is available to you at a summary level, at a detailed transactional level, and as an exact image of the complete original bill.

Bill summary, transactional detail, and most images are maintained online for 24 months from the date the bill is posted online. After 24 months, your data is deleted from the system.

What if some piece of information other than a bill is sent to you?

Solicitations that we receive on your behalf (such as credit card offers) are shredded and recycled. Any non-bill notices, such as a rate change, will be scanned and delivered to you. Account-related items sent to us, such as a calling card, are immediately forwarded to your home mailing address. All other items received, such as merchandise ordered online, cannot be accepted and will be returned to the sender. Please be sure to indicate your home as the shipping address when ordering items online, through catalogs, etc.

What happens if a bill gets lost?

We log and track every bill that we receive to assure it is delivered to your account. As an added level of service, we can detect if a regularly occurring bill has not been received when it was expected, and will send an automatic email notification to alert you that it has not arrived.

How do I end delivery of a bill you scan and resume receiving my paper bill at home?

To cancel online delivery of a bill, go to the “My Billers page, “Biller Details” page, or “Make Payments” page, and click the Cancel e-bill link. You should begin receiving your paper bill at home within 1-2 billing cycles. To expedite the process, you may want to contact your biller directly and request that they update your billing address.

I’m receiving a bill at home. How do I begin receiving it online?

If you have already set up the biller, you can begin online delivery of a bill by clicking on “My Billers” from your navigation links. From your list of billers, within the E-Bill Status column, click the Set up e-bill link. You should begin receiving your bill online within 1-2 billing cycles.

If you have not yet set up this biller, from your navigation links click “Add New Biller. During the setup process, you will be asked if you want to receive the bill online.

Why does the Action Needed link appear on the “My Billers” and “Biller Details” page?

This link appears when we need additional information from you regarding your bill.


How long do you store my billing information?

Bill summary and transactional information is available for 24 months online. Most bill images are maintained online for 24 months from the date the bill is posted online. After 24 months, your bill images are deleted from the system.

How can I view filed bills?

You can view information on a filed bill through the biller’s bill history.

Can I download my billing history into my financial management software?

Yes, you can integrate your billing history information with all leading personal financial management software, Microsoft Money, Microsoft Excel, or QuickBooks. It’s simple to merge your bill payment data with the rest of your financial records. From the “View Reports” page, simply click “Download.” The “Download Report” page appears when you select the file format for your download.


When do you contact me regarding my account?

We use email notifications to keep in touch with you about your account. As our customer, you may choose to receive emails in the following situations:

  • When a bill is received.
  • When a bill has not been received X days before the billing date.
  • When no payment has been scheduled X days before the payment is due.
  • When a payment is made.

These are some of the general email notifications you will receive as our customer which you may opt to turn on or off. From time to time, you may also receive other notifications about your account; such as, emails about a specific payment, future payment reminders, and changes made to your personal profile or password, if applicable.

Can I change how and when I am notified about my account?

Absolutely. You can tailor the email notifications to meet your unique bill management style. To change which email notifications you receive, from your navigation links, click “My Billers.” From your list of billers, click the name of the corresponding biller. The “Biller Details” page appears. At the top of the page, click the link to change email notifications. The “Change Email Notifications” page appears where you will make your changes and then click “Save Changes.”

In addition to these email notifications, we may contact you from time to time with important information about one of your billers, changes to the service, or service enhancements. These notifications are strictly to service your account and help you get the most out of our service. In accordance with our privacy policy, we will never sell any of your personal or financial information to third parties, and as such, you will never receive a third-party email as a result of being our customer.

When will I be notified that I have a new bill?

An email notification is automatically sent to your attention as soon as a bill posts to your account. Electronic bills are posted to your account immediately; paper bills are posted within 24-48 hours from when they arrive at the processing center.

When will I be notified that a bill has been paid?

For a paper check, you will receive a payment confirmation email when your check is cut and mailed. For an electronic payment, you will receive a payment confirmation email when the electronic payment is initiated.

When will you notify me if a bill is about to go overdue?

One of our primary goals is to help you eliminate past due bills and expensive late fees. We will send you an email if a bill is due in 10 days, (you can change the default number) and we have not received any payment instructions from you. If you do not want to make a payment on this bill, simply click the “File” link and your bill will be stored for future reference.

When will you notify me if a bill is missing?

One of our unique features is our ability to detect possible missing bills (which helps you avoid overdue bills and late fees). This can happen if a bill is lost in the mail, or if it has been sent to your mailing address. Once you have received your first online bill from a biller, we determine that biller’s general billing dates. Please verify the billing cycle is chosen for that biller. If a future bill fails to arrive within the general timeframe you have selected, we will send you an email so that you may contact your biller.

Why is my email address in lowercase?

Email addresses are stored in lowercase even if they are entered in uppercase or mixed-case. For example, we would store as


How can I cancel my account?

Please contact us and a representative will assist you.

If had bills directly sent to your processing center, do I need to notify my billers that I am no longer using the service and that my bills need to be sent to my home address?

Yes. When you cancel your service you must contact each of your billers directly to request that your future bills be sent to your home mailing address.

When will my cancellation take effect?

Typically, your cancellation will become final at the end of your next billing cycle.

Until your deactivation date, you will be able to access the site and complete transactions as you normally would. However, you will be unable to schedule payments past your deactivation date.

In some cases, your service is cancelled the same day you request it. For more information, please contact us.

What happens if you receive one of my bills after I have canceled?

All materials will be destroyed except for sensitive financial information, such as a credit card, which would be returned to the sender.


Call: 800.873.5100, ext. 8786


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