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Does a Truly Free Checking Account Really Exist?

by IBMSECU Marketing | Mar 09, 2018

IBMSECU’s Answer to Checking Account Fees

myWallet Free Checking

Are you paying a monthly maintenance fee for your checking account? Does your “free” checking account come with a set of hoops to jump through to avoid incurring a monthly cost? Many Americans believe the age of truly free banking products and services is long over, with bank fees and charges reaching an all-time high in recent years.

With any exchange of goods or services, there’s bound to be some fine print, particularly when it comes to traditional financial institutions. After all, providing absolutely free solutions, in personal finances or otherwise, isn’t exactly a standard or profitable business practice. But, what does that mean for you as a card-carrying member of a financial institution?

We’re here to answer the question many of our current and future members, as well as customers of major banks across the country, are asking: “Is there such a thing as an absolutely free checking account?”


The Price of a Free Checking Account

Across financial institutions, checking account fees range anywhere from $5 to $20 per month, with an average monthly cost of $9.60. While ten bucks a month may not even make a dent in your Frappuccino habit, that number can climb up quickly for people with multiple checking accounts and total a sizeable sum by the end of the year.

More and more, banks and other financial institutions have waved goodbye to free checking accounts, instead offering ways to make your checking account “free” by meeting certain requirements. Bank of America, one of the largest financial institutions in the US, recently eliminated its popular eBanking free checking account, now requiring a minimum balance or direct deposits to waive the $12 monthly fee.

myWallet Free Checking from IBMSECU

If there’s one key difference between banks and credit unions it’s this—banks are for-profit institutions, credit unions are not.

While businesses typically act in the best interests of stakeholders, for credit unions, like IBMSECU, those stakeholders are our members. That means what benefits our members benefits our entire institution.

That’s also why our myWallet Free Checking account is free without the fine print.

Here’s how it works:

No Monthly Fees and No Deposit Minimums

With myWallet Free Checking, you don’t need to maintain a minimum daily balance to avoid being charged a monthly fee. In fact, there isn’t a minimum opening balance, so you can open your account with as little as $0.

We also considered the shift towards freelancing and side hustles when designing this account, recognizing that many people no longer receive standard direct deposits. Because of that, myWallet eliminates the need for a minimum direct deposit amount to enjoy absolutely free checking.

Free Online Banking, eDeposits, eStatements and Bill Pay

Our smartphones have replaced our home phones, address books, digital cameras, notepads, calculators and countless other products and devices. Now, they’ve also taken over the world of personal finances, with 62% of Americans using online banking as their primary method of banking.

With myWallet, you’ll have access to a full suite of online banking features at a cost of $0. From eDeposits and paperless statements to bill pay, it’s all at your fingertips on our free mobile apps

Features Included in All IBMSECU Checking Accounts

Whether myWallet is right for you or you need a different kind of account, all of our personal checking accounts also include:

  • Automatic overdraft protection from your membership savings account 
  • Free Visa® Debit Card with access to over 60,000 surcharge-free ATMs (at our branches or ATMs displaying the Allpoint, CU24, CUHere, and Moneypass network logos) 
  • Unlimited deposits and withdrawals 
  • Unlimited check writing 
  • Free text and email account alerts 


Ready to say goodbye to checking account fees once and for good? Open your myWallet Free Checking account today or compare IBMSECU’s checking options.


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