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Protect or enhance your biggest investment with a Home Improvement Loan

by IBMSECU Marketing | Sep 28, 2016

HELOCYour home is where your heart is. It is your biggest investment and it is yours. What can you do to maintain your home, keep improving it to protect your investment, and nurture it to add value?

Whether you are looking to make a small fix or a large improvement – investing to enhance or fix your home is important.

In addition to regular maintenance and upkeep, people invest to improve their home every three years. It could be the addition of a pool, brand new flooring, or even an emergency fix.

It could be an expense that you did not plan for – your heating & cooling system breaking down, a roof that needs to be repaired, and foundation work that requires immediate attention.

It could also be a remodeled kitchen, an addition of a sunroom or deck, putting in a new irrigation system, a new pool, or even adding a new room altogether.

Put together a list of tasks to improve your home – that project list that you needed to get done, or enhancements to your home that would save you the trouble of moving to another home. Now prioritize these tasks and assign cost estimates to the work.

Some projects will require help from an outside contractor. Some of your projects might need you to borrow money. Did you know that you could actually borrow against the equity that you have built up within your home?

You could also take advantage of a home improvement loan – all this at rates that are very affordable. To top it all off, you could be adding to the value of your home – making your investment even better.

Call our specialists at 800.873.5100 and talk to them about securing the right loan to meet your needs.

(A stitch in time saves many and, yes, at times a small investment into home improvement will actually add value to your home.)


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