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New Text Fraud Alerts: To help protect your account, we will now notify you via text message if we suspect a purchase made with your IBMSECU credit or debit card is fraudulent. If we do not get a response to the text or if you do not have a cell phone number on file with us, we will notify you with a phone call. Please verify your contact information through Online or Mobile Banking - just click on "Settings" and then select "My Account Profile."  
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Welcome Mackinac Savings Bank Customers

We are so excited to welcome you aboard IBMSECU! 

The merger between IBMSECU and Mackinac Savings Bank is now complete!

You are now able to take advantage of our products and services, all delivered to you with our personalized Service Excellence guarantee that you’ll get the right product at the right time.

Some of our most popular, money-saving products and services include:

Read on for more information about your Credit Union membership.

Your New IBMSECU Membership

By now, you should have received your new IBMSECU account number in the mail. At IBMSECU, you only have one account number to remember, which is also known as your member number. Your savings, checking, and other accounts are listed as sub-accounts of this account number depending on the type of account held.

All IBMSECU account holders are required to have a $5 minimum deposit frozen in a Membership Account (S1).  If you have signed a membership opt-in agreement, IBMSECU has provided the first $5 to your personal Membership Account. If you have not yet signed and returned an opt-in, you can download the Opt-In Agreement here.

All former Mackinac Savings Bank customers will have minimum balance and monthly service fees waived on accounts where these charges apply through January 2018.

Even your first IBMSECU check order is on us! You can order a free box of IBMSECU standard-design checks; other designs are available at an additional cost. 

Get To Know Your New Accounts

IBMSECU wants to help make transitioning your accounts as simple as possible. The following chart lists the conversion of Mackinac Savings Bank deposit accounts to the corresponding IBMSECU product type.

Passbook Savings Membership Account $5 S1
Money Market Money Market Max $500 S31
Personal myWallet Free Checking $0 S58 
Senior Grand Checking $1,000 S55
Tiered Tiered Checking* $100 S52 
Business Business Checking $50 S57

If you have a certificate of deposit, it will have a type starting with an “I” as opposed to an “S” for savings, checking and money markets noted in the table above. Certificates of deposit and their new I-type designation will be available on your first statement with IBMSECU, along with all deposit and loan accounts you may have.

Membership Savings Account
  • Opened when you join with minimum $5 deposit
  • No minimum balance to earn compounded interest
  • Joint accounts available
Money Market Max
  • Minimum $500 opening deposit
  • Tiered rates
  • Up to 6 debits per month
  • Unlimited transfers in person, at the night drop or by mail
myWallet Free Checking
  • No hidden fees
  • No minimum balance or monthly service fee
  • Youth checking accounts available for members ages 16–21
  • Free Visa® Debit Card

Grand Checking
  • $1,000 minimum balance
  • Dividends compounded and paid quarterly
  • Overdraft and identity protection services
  • Credit monitoring
  • Free Visa® Debit Card

Tiered Checking* Account
  • $100 minimum opening balance
  • Dividends paid monthly
  • No fee with $1,000 minimum balance
  • Free Visa® Debit Card

Business Checking
  • Minimum $50 opening deposit and no minimum balance fees
  • Reduced transaction fees with an active IBMSECU Business Loan
  • Waived transaction fees with a Business Deposit relationship of $10,000 or more
  • Free Visa® Debit Card

Check image
Contact us today for your first free box of IBMSECU checks.

*S52 Tiered Checking accounts are only available to merging Mackinac Savings Bank Tiered Checking account holders and no new tiered checking accounts will be opened.
**Please refer to the IBMSECU disclosures and fee schedules on our website, or contact an IBMSECU Member Service Advisor for the fees, terms and conditions that may apply to your accounts. International Service Assessment (ISA) fees may apply to non-U.S debit card transactions. Your first free box of checks are the standard IBMSECU design, other designs are available at an additional cost. This credit union is federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA)

Your New Debit/ATM Card

More financial options are finally in your hands.

MSB ATM Card to IBMSECU Debit CardIf you had a Mackinac Savings Bank ATM Card, you were automatically mailed a new IBMSECU Visa Debit/ATM Card along with your PIN information.

Now your card can be used at over 60,000 ATMs nationwide and to make purchases at participating Visa® retail locations worldwide!

Look for the Allpoint, CU24, CUHere, Moneypass, and Publix Presto icons on the ATM:
Allpoint Logo   CU24 logo   CU Here Logo  MoneyPass Logo   Publix Presto Logo


Your old Mackinac Savings Bank ATM Card was deactivated at midnight on July 30, 2017. Now that you have your new IBMSECU Visa® Debit Card, you can activate it by using your Personal Identification Number at any ATM or retail Point of Sale (POS) terminals prior to making a Signature POS transaction.

Register For Online Banking


As a new IBMSECU member, you’ll now have access to free Online Banking, which enables you to review account history, check balances, open a new account, apply for a loan, transfer funds, pay bills, deposit checks by taking a photo with your phone, view your eStatements, set up eMessenger text or email account alerts, and more!

We invite you to register your account and begin to use our Online Banking service.

For more information about using the Online Banking system, video tutorials, and FAQs, please visit our Online Banking page.

Some of our other Online Services include:

Frequently Asked Questions

How will my statement change?
You will receive monthly paper statements for all of your banking services. Per the IBMSECU Fee Schedule, a monthly fee of $1.00 is charged for paper statements. This fee is always waived if you are 62 or older and will be waived for all former MSB customers regardless of age for 6 months starting July 31, 2017.

You may also sign up for IBMSECU Online Banking and enroll in eStatements to receive your statement online at no cost.

How will I make my deposits and loan payments?
You can make deposits and payments at your former MSB branch as usual. and you may now also make payments at any one of the IBMSECU branches near you. You can also use the transfer feature in Online Banking (contact us if you need assistance), or mail deposits or loan payments to IBMSECU, P.O. Box 5090, Boca Raton, FL 33431.

What about my Direct Deposit, Payroll Deduction, ACH and/or Automatic Payments?
All your electronic credits and debits will be posted as normal even after the system conversion. We kindly ask that you start using your new account information for all new authorizations after July 31, 2017.

Your new IBMSECU Membership number was listed on the letter you should have received. Your 12-digit Check ID will be at the bottom of your new checks. Your new Credit Union ABA/Routing & Transit number is 267077627. IBMSECU checking account information can always be found in Online Banking in the details section for each account.

Will I receive checks or a new ATM/Debit Card?
Your Checks: You can continue to use your Mackinac Bank checks until they run out. When you are ready to get new checks, IBMSECU will provide one box at no cost. If you print your own checks with check writing software, you will need to update the name to IBMSECU and the Routing # to 267077627.

Your ATM Card: If you had a Mackinac Bank ATM Card, you should have received a new IBMSECU Visa Debit Card. Your old Mackinac Bank ATM card is no longer valid. After receiving your new card, you will need to activate it with a PIN based transaction at any ATM or at a merchant convenient to you. Once activated, your new IBMSECU Visa Debit Card will be accepted at any ATM or merchant that displays the CU24, Interlink, Plus or VISA logos.

Do Members have to pay for checks when they need a new box?
Anyone who is 62 years of age or older with direct deposit does not have to pay for checks (one free box per order). This is referred to as VIP Checking and the system automatically qualifies members for this benefit.

Everyone who is under 62 years of age will pay for checks after they receive the free box mentioned in the question above.

Will the transition affect the titling of an MSB customer’s accounts? What about their trust, beneficiaries, and/or the POA named on MSB accounts?

MSB accounts will move over as is without any changes.

If I refer a friend who is not an immediate family member and doesn’t live in a county that has an IBMSECU branch, can that person join the CU?
IBMSECU has hundreds of SEGs (Select Employer Groups) that qualify someone for membership. Eligibility is also extended to those who live, work, worship, or go to school in one of our approved counties. With all of these paths to membership, we can often find a way for them to join.

Will our passbooks on our passbook savings accounts be going away?
Yes. Passbook accounts will be converted to an S1 Membership account at IBMSECU. Starting July 31, 2017, passbooks will no longer be updated/recreated. Monthly statements will be sent for these accounts and account transactions can be viewed online

Will copies of checks and statements be accessible online?
Yes. Going forward IBMSECU statements will be available online (up to 24 months in a PDF document). Check copies are viewable online for the last 12 months by clicking on the line item inside the account history (not in the statements). MSB statement and/or check copies prior to July 31, 2017 will need to be requested (fees might apply).

What fees will be waived for MSB customers and for how long?
Non-punitive fees will be waived for six months starting July 31, 2017. Punitive fees will not be waived (e.g. NSF and overdraft fees).

Is there a way to avoid the $1.90 fee that is charged to S50 MyDefense and S55 Grand Checking accounts?
You will not be charged the $1.90 fee for 6 months starting July 31, 2017. After that time, the $1.90 fee can be avoided by switching to our S58 MyWallet Checking account. Before you make the switch, remember that ID Theft and Credit Monitoring benefits are included with the S50 and S55 checking accounts.

How do I access Online and Mobile Banking?
You are now able to use IBMSECU’s Online and Mobile Banking system. First you will need to register as a new user and accept the user agreement in IBMSECU’s Online Banking system. Once the Online Banking registration process has been completed you will be able to download the Mobile Banking smartphone apps for Android or iPhone. If you had been using MSB’s now-disabled online banking, your login was not carried over into the IBMSECU system.

What is a CO-OP shared branch? How does it work?
CO-OP Shared Branching is a network of different credit unions who process deposits, loan payments, and withdrawals with certain restrictions for Guest Members from other credit unions. The goal is to provide a more convenient branch network to members of credit unions that participate in the network. As a member of the CO-OP Shared Branching network, IBMSECU employees are able to perform basic transactions for members of other credit unions, and IBMSECU members can visit other credit unions within the network. Always keep in mind that different check holds and withdrawal amounts may apply by credit union.

Why do I need to opt into membership at the CU?
Since your account is converting from a bank to a credit union, you must proactively opt in for membership in IBMSECU.

What if I don’t opt in?

Your account will still be accessible, but you will not be able to take advantage of all the benefits that come with being a Member. If you never opt in, we will only refund your deposits if you ask us to close your accounts.


If you have any questions or need assistance with anything, please contact us at 800.873.5100 or

We look forward to serving all your financial needs!


*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Visa Credit Card Balance Transfer “as low as” rate is for the life of the transaction in your credit card account. Balance transfers must be processed in the first 90 days of credit card life.  Purchase and cash advance credit card rates are variable and subject to change based on market conditions. Auto Loan “as low as” rate is for new and used vehicle model years 2014–2018. Actual rates based on creditworthiness, other fees, terms and conditions may apply, visit our website, or contact a Loan Advisor for details. Federally insured by NCUA.

**Surcharge-free means the owner of the ATM will not charge a fee for the use of the ATM by Visa® Debit Card holders. Depending on your REWARDS level, you may be subject to a Credit Union service fee for making withdrawals and balance inquiries at an ATM not owned by IBMSECU.



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