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Online and Mobile Banking Scheduled Maintenance:
Online Banking and Mobile Banking will be unavailable due to regularly scheduled maintenance from 10:00 p.m. on Sunday, March 1 to 5:00 a.m. on Monday, March 2. Our online loan application will also be down for maintenance from 10:00 p.m. on March 1 until 8:00 a.m. on March 2. We apologize for this inconvenience.
Tax Statements are now available! All Members can now retrieve their 2019 Tax Statements in Online Banking by selecting "View Statement" from the slider menu (3 horizontal lines on the upper left of the screen). Learn more about your tax statement here.
IBMSECU is moving to iTHINK Financial! IBMSECU will have a new name, iTHINK Financial, as of Monday, March 2, 2020. Click here for more information.
Member Testimonials

Member Testimonials

Our Member Testimonials:

I love IBM Southeast Employees' Credit Union... I've been a member for over 20 years. I like saying hello to the staff there because they are friendly and remember me, and I'm no one special. I like being able to transfer my money from one account to the other when needed. I bought my Mustang through them and they made the transaction easy; IBMSECU members are an extended family. Thank you all at IBMSECU.  — Dennis D.


I have been a member for 13 years and rely on IBMSECU for all my financial needs. Whenever needed, I can always count on prompt, courteous, and professional support from the member services staff. They are very knowledgeable and have always advised me on the best solutions for my banking needs. I have recently been subject to a fraudulent business practice by a travel agency. The fraud prevention team worked closely with me to properly identify the merchant behavior and collect evidence of the fraudulent situation to dispute the improper charges. The local member services team is a major differentiator offered by IBMSECU and it is one of the main reasons for my loyalty as a member for all this time. — Luiz Domingos


We don’t always appreciate the service our Credit Union may be giving us, while living within the USA. There is so much we may take for granted in the way of those services. I am an American citizen who has been a client of IBMSECU for more than ten years. I have lived outside the US for almost nine of those years. By being half way around the world, I have learned how truly important it is to have a financial institution that I can count on when I need it. IBMSECU has been that institution since day one. The staff have always given me excellent service. Kudos to you, IBMSECU! — Woody P.


Thanks to the best home loan department ever, I was able to move into my new home in record timing. This was my third time purchasing a home, but I can say this was the best customer service experience I have had. — Samuel Boykins


I became a member last year and just recently refinanced my mortgage. The entire experience was quite pleasant. Everyone could not have been more helpful, more personable, more attentive to my needs…well I could go on and on! I was a former BoA customer who was badly stung by their so called “customer service” in the most appalling manner. I only wish I had come to my credit union sooner. Thank you, thank you, thank you! — Michele L.


I absolutely had to write a testimonial about the amazing service of the Credit Union. I absolutely love IBMSECU Union for their knowledge, preparedness and customer service. I can call anytime and ask questions and I am always guided to the right person. I am always bragging to my friends and family about the amazing service that I get. I went to the Cypress Creek office on Monday and the service advisor was absoultely amazing. I needed a signature guarantee, which I couldn’t get from a regular bank. She went that extra mile by calling the company to confirm my request and got me the correct medallion signature instead. I would never have gotten that personal care at a regular bank. That is a fact. I am so happy I bank with IBM and it’s been 16 years and the benefits and service just keep getting better and better. — Andrea Luke


I am so glad to be a Credit Union member, especially in today’s volitile banking climate where consumers are being gouged for every conceivable fee or rate increase. I hear all the horror stories and am grateful that my credit union does not pull the shenanigans that I see in the “regular” banking industry. Thank you for doing business with integrity! — Anne H.


I am so happy with the efficiency, support, promptness, professionalism, friendliness, thoroughness, and alertness of the services and staff of the IBMSECU. From contacting me regarding changes in my spending habits and fraud prevention alertness to being helped by the tellers, the professionalism of the credit union is unsurpassed. I am a Member who feels very blessed to have all my financial activities handled by the IBMSECU. I have never had one negative/bad experience in all my years as a Member with the credit union. Keep up the superb work! — Holley Beauchamp


I have used the Credit Union for the past 10 years for all of my banking needs – checking, savings, money market, car loans, mortgage, home equity and now my HSA. When I walk in I am greeted by name. Tell me what other bank makes you feel welcome? It has that warm, homey bank next door atmosphere that I have not found anywhere else and customer service with a smile! Like it’s supposed to be! — Linda Bennington


I love the Credit Union. Everyone is very friendly and personable, whenever I enter they call me by my last name. I also like the branch manager very much – she is very professional. Love it! No matter how far away I am from them, I will always go there. Very friendly, all of them definitely have good people skills. — Corlis Rasheed


IBMSECU has a personal touch. The associates are very helpful and treat their customers with respect. IBMSECU gave me an opportunity to build my credit history when other big banks didn’t. Their services are efficient and I just love how the checking, savings, and credit accounts are integrated in that you can transfer money from and to any account at the comfort of your home. And when one deposits money, it is available immediately. Many thanks for a commendable service. — George Kariuki


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